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This website is a resource and community for you if you have, know, or treat someone with fibromyalgia. That is this website’s specialty. We offer articles and support for people suffering from fibromyalgia. We try to add content and things that we have found to be helpful in managing fibromyalgia. We strongly recommend consulting with your doctor or other health network partners before making any changes to your fibromyalgia treatment. Many of you have been treated by us or are a part of our existing network. For new members who do not know how this site works, it is as follows. We offer all advice and information on fibromyalgia absolutely free. We do attempt to curate content to ensure that the information you are provided here is sound in theory and practice. We will have a number of upcoming articles explaining the current understanding of fibromyalgia, as well as treatment modalities. We attempt to explain the articles in an easy to understand way so that people without medical knowledge of pain treatment can learn how to perform a specific treatment option. We are largely focused on physical treatment options. While we do write the occasional article about medication, that is not our area of expertise and we do not give advice to anyone regarding that treatment option. Occasionally, either our staff or a contributor will submit an article designed to address theory. These are written at a more advanced level. We will attempt to make that clear in the writing. Again, we strongly recommend that any major change to your pain management schedule be talked about with your doctor or therapist first. As we mentioned, we offer all content one hundred percent free. If you feel that what we offer is making a positive impact in your or someone you knows life, feel free to either donate or, most importantly, try our suggestions for fibromyalgia management and spread the word about this site so that others can have the opportunity to benefit from it as well. We update articles and add new content as much as possible, so check back frequently for new tips and plans. Also, feel free to sign up for our forums to ask questions and help others. We hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to join us on social media sites such as google +, or facebook. The links to our pages are provided to the right. assumes no responsibility for your health outcomes. Please read our entire article and use our recommendations in order to check and make sure these exercises and recommendations are appropriate for you. All articles and the information contained therein is the intellectual property of (c)


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